Shrimp it!


Shrimp it!  On these hot summer days, we want to make fast, easy and light meals.  I love these shrimp recipes for this exact reason.  Shrimp can be easily found at your grocer, and while fresh, wild caught is always the best option, frozen shrimp works well for all these recipes.  Today’s recipes include two […]

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Shrimp Catalana, Saturday in Sardinia

Shrimp Catalana

Shrimp Catalana, is the remake of the classic dish Lobster Catalana, popular on the beautiful Italian Island of Sardinia.  If you have ever visited Sardinia, hopefully you have had the opportunity to try this lovely dish made with lobster, onions and tomatoes tossed lightly with a lemony dressing.  Today, I am using shrimp instead of […]

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Shrimp Swordfish Lemon Mustard Kabobs…Fish on Friday!!

Shrimp Swordfish Lemon Mustard Kabobs

Shrimp Swordfish Lemon Mustard Kabobs, its time to fire up the grill and make these .  When entertaining friends and family this summer try this recipe, it is easy, fast and  makes a great impression, your guests will love them.  The shrimp and swordfish are skewered together after marinading in a mustard lemon thyme sauce.   […]

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