Spaghetti with Red Clam Sauce

Spaghetti with Red Clam Sauce



Spaghetti with Red Clam Sauce is another of our favorite fish based pasta sauces.  Hopefully,  you have had the chance to make the pasta with clams “in Bianco” recipe  on the blog.   Here, another great way to enjoy pasta with delicious clams,  Spaghetti with Red Clam Sauce.   What sets this recipe apart from it’s sister, is the addition of fresh chopped tomatoes, and we use just the right amount of tomatoes to add extra flavor without compromising the sweetness of the baby clams.  I know all my far away followers will say that they cannot find the  baby clams that we have here in Venice, but do not let the size of the clam stop you from making one of the best pasta dishes ever. Spaghetti with Red Clam Sauce,  Let’s cook!

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Spaghetti with Red Clam Sauce

Another version of one of the all time favorite pasta recipes, in this recipe we introduce fresh tomatoes to the delicious sweet clams.

Servings 2


  • 2 lb Fresh baby clams To increase this recipe, you need 1 lb of unshelled clams per person
  • 4-6 Ripe tomatoes, Roma or large plum
  • 1 cup Dry white wine
  • 6 tbls Extra virgin olive oil
  • 6 Cloves of garlic
  • Red hot pepper or red pepper flakes to taste
  • Fresh flat leaf parsley chopped to taste
  • Sea salt and fresh ground pepper to taste
  • 1/2 lb Spaghetti, imported, high quality


  1. For the Clams:

    In a wok style pan fitted with a lid, add 3  cloves of smashed garlic, hot pepper and 2 tbls of olive oil, lightly brown the garlic, carefully add the clams pour in the white wine, immediately cover and saute on a lively flame, stirring once cook for about 3-5 minutes until all the clams open, take off the flame and allow to cool

    When the clams are cool enough to touch, remove them from and discard the shell, place the clams in a bowl, set aside.  Retain the liquid clam juice in the pan

    Using a strainer lined with paper towel or cooking gauze, carefully pour the clam juice over the paper towel, strain the liquid and set aside for later

  2. For the Sauce:

    Bring a small pot of water to boil

    Place an X in the bottom of each tomato, when water boils, drop the tomatoes into the water for approximately 30 seconds, remove the tomatoes, let cool

    Peel and seed the tomatoes, cut into 1/4" pieces

  3. In a pan large enough to finish off the pasta, add 4 tbls olive oil,  3 finely chopped or pressed garlic cloves and hot pepper or pepper flakes, lightly brown the garlic, then add the chopped tomatoes.  

  4. Add 1 cup of the clam juice to the tomatoes,  simmer to reduce the liquid, add the clams into the sauce and continue to simmer while your pasta is cooking, if the sauce becomes too dry, add more clam juice.  Add parsley and adjust salt and pepper

  5. Bring a Pasta Pot of water to boil, salt, add the spaghetti cook for 1 minute less than package indicates for al dente.   With a spaghetti fork, lift the pasta out of the water, draining it over the pan of water, then add into the clam sauce, continue cooking on a lively heat while mixing the pasta with the sauce for another minute.  Serve immediately

Buon Appetito!



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