“Skewer It”

Skewer it

“Skewer It”, it is  Summer and the grilling is so good!  These recipe ideas are great for weekend BBQ’s, all  are all easy to put together and  have tasty marinades.  The first dish, Mediterranean chicken with sun dried tomatoes kebobs,  a delicate, delicious combination of marinated chicken and sun dried Mediterranean tomatoes, seasoned with oregano.  Next we have a mixed fish kebob, shrimp and swordfish, with a lemon, mustard marinade.  Then our spicy, tangy chicken tenders marinated in a hot pepper lemon basil oil.  For a  meat option there  is the thyme seasoned skewered veal burger and lastly, another fish option, the  thyme lemon simply grilled  shrimp kebob.   Try any or all of these skewered kebobs, for your next cookout or your Summertime grilling.  Just “Skewer It”!!


Skewer it

Buon BBQ!!

Below are a few items you might like for your BBQing pleasure, enjoy!


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