Shrimp it!


Shrimp it!  On these hot summer days, we want to make fast, easy and light meals.  I love these shrimp recipes for this exact reason.  Shrimp can be easily found at your grocer, and while fresh, wild caught is always the best option, frozen shrimp works well for all these recipes.  Today’s recipes include two shrimp salads and two skewered grilled shrimp recipes, each can be served as appetizers or as a summer dinner option.  Our shrimp salads,  Shrimp Catalana and Mango Avocado Shrimp Layered Salad, both lively, fresh and colorful are great summer cold plates. The two grilled options, Shrimp Swordfish Lemon Mustard Kabobs and Thyme Lemon Simply Grilled Shrimp are great for summer BBQ’s.  Tonight try “shrimping” it!!

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