Italian Bean Salad

Italian Bean Salad

Italian Bean Salad, this lovely, easy bean salad can be made in minutes, great as a side for your  Summer BBQ’s.   We use Barlotti or Cranberry beans for our version of this salad, but any cooked bean will do.   If you want more “Italian flair”, add a can of high quality imported tuna.  This salad, along with crusty, Italian Bread grilled with garlic and olive oil, a glass of chilled white wine….. now we are talking.  Let’s cook!

Italian Bean Salad

  • Servings: 4-6
  • Difficulty: super-easy
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Easy and can be made ahead of time



1 large red onion or 4 spring onions (I used 4 red knobby (tropea) onions) to taste

3.5 cups of Cranberry Beans or your bean of choice

4 Tbls extra virgin olive oil

2 Tbls high quality white wine vinegar

Sea salt and fresh ground pepper

1/2 chopped fresh basil leaves


-Drain the beans of their liquid, place in a serving bowl

-Slice the onions as thin as possible, the thinner the better, separate the rings, add to the bowl

-chop fresh basil, add to the beans and onions

-Add sea salt and pepper to taste

-Add olive oil, and vinegar mix well

*if adding tuna mix into the bean, onion mixture


Buon appetito!!






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